1. part, divide, space, interspace, space out, set at intervals, set or keep apart; disentangle, pull apart, disconnect, disengage, disarticulate, uncouple, unyoke, disunite; intersect, bisect.
2. come between, intervene, interfere, interlope, interpose; split, estrange, alienate, disaffect, set at odds, cause dissension, make hostile, cause to fall out, Inf. break up, Inf. split apart, Inf. stir up trouble, Sl. bust up.
3. sunder, cleave, disjoin, disjoint, rive, rend, split; partition, part asunder, dispart, divide into parts, halve, quarter, segment.
4. allot, assign, dispose, apportion, portion, compartmentalize, distribute, parcel out, Sl. divvy or divvy up; select, pick out, sift out, discriminate; abstract, extract, take out.
5. sort, analyze, break down; cull, glean, winnow, sift, sieve; grade, rank, size; classify, group, subdivide, collocate, codify, type.
6. screen, eliminate, excise, exclude, cut off or away; separate the sheep from the goats, separate the men from the boys, separate the wheat from the chaff; discharge, remove, eject, throw out, weed out, discard, expel, cut off or out or adrift, Sl. give the bounce.
7. isolate, single out, segregate, shut off, cut off, sever, sequester, quarantine, wall or fence off, cordon or seal off, rope off.
8. withdraw, disassociate, leave, depart, pull out, stand apart, Sl. split; dissent, dissent from, drop out, secede, Sl. quit; fall out, break with, come to a parting of the ways, agree to disagree; part company, split up, disband, scatter, disperse, break up, go separate ways, fan out, spread out; divorce, break up, break up housekeeping.
9. come apart, give, give way, spring open, gape, tear apart, crack, yawn, gap, spread.
10. fork, diverge, branch, branch off, split, divaricate, bifurcate, ramify, radiate, branch out, Scot. twine; open, open up, unclench.
11. sole, unique, singular, only; single, solitary, individual, independent; disparate, divergent; diverse, different, dissimilar, unlike.
12. discrete, disjunct, separated, unrelated, divorced, detached, unjoined; distinct, unconnected, unassoci-ated, disjointed, disjoined, unallied, disconnected, unattached, disengaged, unbound, clear, free.
13. withdrawn, detached, removed, alone, apart; segregated, quarantined, secluded, sequestered, isolated, shut off.
14. asunder, in twos, severed, cut, cloven, cleft, halved, quartered; reft, sundered, split, bisected.

A Note on the Style of the synonym finder. 2014.